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    Keshawn - 14.06.13 ( 09:58 )
To share some personal eixerpence I worked in several R&D design centers for semiconductor manufacturers. The story is often the same. To increase profits, they pursued one basic strategy cut costs or get the government to pay for it. Mostly the cheapskates focused on cutting costs. Often these guys were determined street fighters when it came to cutting costs. I’ll focus on one anonymous company. An internal audit revealed that it cost ~$150 to get a purchase req approved for a $20 item. Just plain insanity. These guys went on a spree (in the mid to late ’90 s) opening design centers in emerging-market nations. They (senior management) would brow beat the American design centers about cost overruns and delayed product introduction while refusing to provide the resources needed for project success. When the situation became critical (i.e., too late to smoothly effect the outcome) they would approve personnel req’s or capital PR’s and

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